User Experience Design

Web Design

What type of experience do you want to give visitors to your web site and to your customers and clients who come to your web site? Whatever your answer, we can build or redesign your web site to meet your marketing, sales, and customer objectives. We build and redesign online stores that are easy to use and provide the highest levels of Internet security associated with payment systems. We provide advanced web site management tools, for example, to monitor all activities at any one and all of your web pages. This information helps companies make informed decisions. We design, build, and maintain databases that are integrated into your web site. Would you like to incorporate multimedia, eLearning, and collaboration into your web design, for public visitors and for employees at a branded portal? Do you want to set up an online chat with visitors and customers? We can 'do it all' for you.

Mobile App Development

We provide an array of services in this new area of business. We can help your organization develop and implement a mobile strategy and benchmark against your competitors. We provide mobile app development for iOS, Android, and Microsoft. We work with many types of mobile phone devices and tablets. A key area that we work in is to provide systems integration services so that people can use their mobile devices to access company resources, data bases, and training programs.

Web Development

We offer web development services to companies looking for the most advanced sophisticated sites to organizations that require something less robust. We offer mobile web development, advanced web solutions, web and enterprise portals, application integration, testing, and application security consulting.

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