Industries we serve

Reyone has experience with a number of different types of businesses and organizations, ranging from small to very large. We have completed significant projects in these vertical markets:


The healthcare industry is going through a profound change in terms of using technology to reduce cost, improve efficiency and productivity, provide patient services, and meet governmental laws. We provide technology strategic planning, cloud based services, customized HIT (healthcare information technology) portals, mobile healthcare, healthcare applications across many platforms, business intelligence and analytics, data migration and integration services with legacy and newer systems, and customized workflows.


The education field is being impacted by technology, ranging from virtual classroom delivery, interactive eBooks, and tracking student performance. We provide technology and educational portal strategic planning, cloud based learning solutions, student tracking systems, educational content and testing services, academic web site development, web integration in higher education, proposal management, and user interface tactical services.


The retail industry is changing because of new technologies, being used to attract customers, keep customers loyal, reduce costs, and increase productivity through the entire supply chain. We provide technology and cloud strategic planning, mobile marketing services, and custom applications and workflow for retail and logistics applications, customer loyalty programs, customer relationship management, inventory planning and forecasting, order tracking, reporting tools, eCommerce portals, and portal content development.

  • Nuvision online TV
  • AAAIMS Medical School
  • Glenn Star welcom


Media companies continue to use technology in new ways to improve services, sales, customer services, and productivity. We provide technology and on-demand strategic planning and we address many issues facing media companies, including developing engaging content, storage, new media, media project management, portal content collaboration, media portal migration services, on demand services, payment systems, media focused IT audits and assessments, media application integration, and media-based testing services.