The process of designing the site begins with the Web Development Proposal that contains the outline of the website. It would include the objective of the site, its navigational structure, page and content structure, programming and the expected schedule for deliverable.
  • Reyone Discovery and StrategyDiscovery & Strategy
  • We provide top notch services in such areas as interactive marketing, custom tracking solutions, lead optimization, niche marketing, search marketing, marketing creative, interactive websites, web applications, handling crawl errors in Google webmaster tools, and internal strategies.
  • Reyone User Experience DesignUser Experience Design
  • What type of experience do you want to give visitors to your web site and to your customers and clients who come to your web site? Whatever your answer, we can build or redesign your web site to meet your marketing, sales, and customer objectives.
  • Reyone Testing & Development servicesIndustries
  • Reyone has experience with a number of different types of businesses and organizations, ranging from small to very large.
  • Reyone web analyticsMarketing & feedback
  • We are equipped to work with your marketing organization to make sure Search Engine Optimization is creating the opportunities that you hope for, in this rapidly changing field, including social media.